Led by Margarita Howard, the arrival of HX5 in the government contracting arena nearly two
decades ago signaled new perspectives on the dynamic balance between prime
contractors and subcontractors. Howard, a seasoned veteran in the business
world, has navigated the complexities of this industry, making HX5, a recognized name in
the provision of exceptional service and customer support to key organizations,
such as NASA and the General Services Administration. 

In the contracting world, prime contractors maintain direct contracts with the government and
oversee an entire project. Subcontractors, on the other hand, are employed by
prime contractors to accomplish specific tasks. HX5, under the guidance of
Margarita Howard, has successfully managed these dual roles, thus contributing
to the company’s robust growth and expansion. 

“The journey of HX5, from its humble beginnings to a firm with over 1,000 employees today,
can be traced back to our early years when we knocked on doors, seeking lines
of credit and small-business loans,” Howard recalls. Despite initial
challenges, Howard’s unwavering dedication and loyalty to her team and partners
have helped HX5 carve its niche in the industry. 

Margarita Howard’s leadership style has played a pivotal role in HX5’s success.
She has always been selective when assembling her management team, ensuring
they have the right mix of dedication and experience to drive the company
forward. This team, many of whom have been with HX5 for over a decade, is a
testament to Howard’s appreciation for loyalty and trust. The company’s
phenomenal growth, from a team of one to over 1,000, is a testament to Margarita
Howard’s vision and undeniable leadership prowess. 

Balancing the roles of prime contractor and subcontractor is not an easy task, but under Howard,
HX5 has shown it can be done, and done well. With its remarkable growth and
loyal staff, HX5 is poised to continue making significant strides in the
government contracting field, thanks to the exceptional leadership of Howard. Refer
to this article for related information. 


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