For nearly two decades, Margarita Howard, the founder and CEO of HX5, has distinguished
herself in the government contracting sector by adeptly navigating the complex
roles of both prime and subcontractor. Under Howard’s leadership, HX5, renowned for its top-tier customer support and service, has provided professional mission
support services to key organizations such as the Army, NASA, and the General
Services Administration. 

Operating in a realm where a prime contractor holds direct contracts with the government,
while subcontractors are tasked with specific roles, Howard’s expertise lies in
her ability to balance both roles seamlessly. HX5 actively undertakes both
types of contracts, illustrating the company’s flexibility and adaptability. 

However, the journey to success was not a smooth one for Margarita Howard. From the early
days of HX5, where obtaining a line of credit was a challenge, the company has seen
considerable growth. Today, HX5 boasts over 1,000 employees operating in over
90 locations across the nation. 

Howard’s leadership and guiding principles are simple – trust and loyalty. She expresses gratitude
for her dedicated team and their collective commitment to HX5. Margarita Howard also emphasizes the importance of retaining key partners who
supported HX5 in its infancy, reflecting her belief in maintaining long-term relationships. 

The story of HX5 and Margarita Howard is an inspirational one. Despite personal and professional
obstacles, Howard has deftly steered HX5 to become a formidable player in the
government contracting sphere. Her ability to balance the roles of prime contractor
and subcontractor effectively is a testament to her tactical acumen. 

Howard’s journey reflects the resilience and determination required to thrive in a challenging
industry. As she continues to lead HX5, the company’s success story serves as a
beacon for others traversing the labyrinthine world of government contracting. Read
this article for additional information. 


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